Essential EU Labelling Regulation FAQ

April 11, 2024
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What are e-labels and QR codes?

An e-label, short for electronic label, revolutionizes the traditional approach to displaying ingredient and nutritional information on wine bottles. Instead of printing this data directly onto the bottle, it's stored digitally and accessed through a webpage that you will have access through a QR code.

QR codes: QR codes, or quick response codes, are square barcodes placed on the back label of a bottle. By simply using their phone's camera app, your customers worldwide can scan the QR code, instantly accessing the e-label and viewing the needed information.

How can the e-label benefit my winery?

The e-label offers a multitude of advantages that streamline operations and enhance compliance effortlessly. By embracing this digital solution, your winery stays ahead of regulatory requirements, effortlessly adapting to changing mandates without extensive label redesigns.

Save valuable time with automated translations into 24 EU languages and access to a comprehensive ingredient database. With essential information housed within the QR code, maintain a cleaner label appearance while providing consumers easy access to important details.

How does the free plan work?

It's 100% free to sign up and start creating 2 draft e-labels and QR codes to send to your label designer. Only when you want to publish the e-label live you will need to select a paid plan.

I have more than one brand, does that affect my pricing?

Our plans are for the total number of e-labels you need across any number of brands within a single company.

E.g. If you have a company with three brands, each one has 5 labels, you will just need the package for 15 labels and you will have the same dashboard for all of them

What factors should I consider when printing QR codes on the physical label?

QR codes for labeling should be printed in a size that makes it possible to scan them. A minimum of 1cm by 1cm is likely to be required. It is often incorporated into the back label design along with other required product informatio‍Every QR code must have a surrounding "quiet" zone, typically four times the size of a single cell within the code (e.g., 1.5 mm for a 10 mm QR code). This clear space enhances scanning accuracy.
Color and Contrast: For best results, use a black QR code on a white background. While dark colors on light backgrounds or the other way round, may work. It's advisable to test them with standard QR code reader apps.
Shape: QR codes are inherently square-shaped. However, creative embedding of square QR codes within non-square shapes, like rotated squares or parallelograms, can be explored. Always maintain the necessary quiet zone in such cases.
Resolution: To ensure successful scans by consumers, your QR code image should be printable at 300 dpi or higher. High resolution prevents scanning issues and maintains code integrity.

Will I be charged for labels from past vintages?

No, with QRFox's e-label solution, you won't incur additional costs for your old labels. Your pricing is fixed, and you only pay for the labels you need for the current vintage. There are no hidden fees or increasing costs over time. Your budget stays predictable and straightforward with our solution.#

Is any personal information of users tracked during their visit?

Users visiting the page are not tracked in any way, simply identifies the geolocation so that visitors can view the page in their language.

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