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Quickly create professional e-Labels for wine with our intuitive editor – no technical skills needed, easy for everyone in your company.

Create your e-Labels in 3 simple steps ...

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Select ingredients and use calculator for nutritional values

Use our intuitive online editor to select the ingredients and calculate nutritional data from values of basic laboratory reports. Other information can be added optionally.
How to insert data

Publish e-Label & export the QR code

Finalise the e-Label page with automatic translations in 24 EU languages and optional brand settings. Your can now already activate & download the QR code linking to your e-Label.
What's our e-Label

Add the QR code to labels, e-commerce and pricing lists - and relax

Print or add the QR code to your physical labels, e-commerce or pricing lists.
You can now relax - the e-Label is online and you can update the data anytime, even after printing.

... and profit from more Features of

Learn more about your markets with Scan Insights

Gain valuable insights into your product's reach. This optional feature offers anonymous data on approximate scan locations and times, helping you improve market strategies without tracking any personal information.

Extended e-Labels when scanned from outside the EU

Use the same QR code to display different information for scans from outside the EU. This optional feature lets you customize your e-Labels to provide international users with relevant links or automatic redirection, enhancing their experience.

Include Italian recycling information

Provide the recycling information mandated by  D.Lgs. 116/2020 for Italian producers through the same QR code - and save extra space on your physical label.

Unlimited e-Labels online - as long as you need them

E-Labels should stay online during the entire shelf live of the product, so your customers can access them. That’s why we keep all e-Labels of your current and previous subscription years online without additional charge - and you will receive a number of fresh e-Labels every year for the new products.
Print-ready QR codes for easy compliance

Professional QR e-Labels that comply with EU and national regulations

Provide nutritional, ingredient and recycling information to comply with new EU wine labelling law (EU) 2021/2117, Italian regulation D.Lgs. 116/2020 and more. e-Labels

E-Labels for more than compliance

While ensuring compliance with EU regulations,'s e-Labels provide an unparalleled opportunity to create a branded experience for your wines - inside and outside the EU.

Nutritional Information

Ensure compliance with EU regulation (EU) 2021/2117 by providing accurate and up-to-date nutritional information.

Recycling Rules and other Country Specific Requirements

Comply with country-specific regulations, such as recycling rules, mandated by Italian law D.Lgs. 116/2020

Translations to all 24 EU languages

Comply with regulatory requirements by ensuring that your e-Labels are available in the language of every country where your wines are sold within the European Union.

Ingredients and Allergens

Ensure compliance with EU regulation (EU) 2021/2117 by listing all ingredients in your wines and highlighting potential allergens.

Links to E-Commerce and Website

Offer connections to your winery's website and e-commerce. Streamline the purchasing process and offer a deeper connection to your brand, vineyards, and winemaking processes.*

Customized to Your Brand

Tailor the design of your e-Labels to match your unique brand identity. Create a cohesive and captivating label that reflects the essence of your winery and helps build brand recognition.
* To the extent legally possible

Compliant with Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 ensures your e-Label solution is continuously aligned with EU (VO) 2021 / 2117, offering peace of mind in a landscape of changing legal requirements.

Print Now, Update Later

Generate e-Labels in just few minutes and print the QR codes - you can update the information on the dynamic e-Label anytime later, the printed codes remain unchanged.

Intuitive Label Editor

Effortlessly manage the information on your e-Labels - without prior knowledge. Update and modify key details such as ingredients, vintage, nutritional information and more, ensuring accurate and up-to-date content.

Ingredients and Allergens Database

Save time and effort by leveraging our comprehensive database of ingredients and allergens, all pre-translated for the countries you sell to. Add your own ingredients that can be used across your products.

Advanced Translation Management System

Simplify the translation process with our integrated auto-translation. Easily manage translations for all 24 EU languages, ensuring accurate and consistent information across your e-Labels.

Live Label Preview

Experience real-time visual feedback as you make edits and modifications to your e-Labels. Instantly see how the changes will appear on the final label.

Lightning-Fast Loading Times

Our e-labels are speed optimized, ensuring quick and efficient access to the relevant information.

Nutritional Energy Calculator

Utilize our built-in nutritional calculator to help you determine the energy value of your wines based on information from your laboratory reports.

Customizable QR-Code and Label

Tailor the appearance of your QR codes and e-Labels to blend harmoniously with your label aesthetics and to maintain consistency across your branding elements.
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From our experience in the field of winemaking, we understand the myriad of tasks that go into crafting the perfect wine. We recognise just how valuable the time is, and that yet another task and another requirement to follow is not exactly what we as winemakers need. So our mission is to simplify the complexities of navigating the ever-evolving regulatory landscape of the new EU nutrition and ingredient law, as well as recycling declarations. We're here to minimize the burden of these new requirements, allowing you to devote more energy to what truly matters: producing exceptional wine.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about If you can't find the answer you're looking for, feel free to contact us.
How long are the e-labels online?
E-Labels should stay online during the entire shelf live of the product, so your customers can access them. To keep your existing e-Labels online, keeping access to the Dashboard to manage and update the e-Labels and for us to monitor legal changes and keep your e-Label pages up to date from a technical perspective any subscription with us is sufficient. During your collaboration with e-Labels can stay online as long as you wish. For the moment accounts are set up to keep e-Labels online for 10 years. If you want to extend that period you can always adjust this setting.
Will I be charged for labels from past vintages?
No, with QRFox's e-label solution, you won't incur additional costs for your old labels. Your pricing is fixed, and you only pay for the labels you need for the current vintage. There are no hidden fees or increasing costs over time. Your budget stays predictable and straightforward with our solution.
Can't I just print all the info I need to have, directly on the physical label?
While printing all information directly on physical labels is possible, it may not be the most efficient solution. QRFox's e-Label solution offers a modern and flexible approach, allowing quick updates without reprinting, ensuring efficiency and global adaptability in your processes.
Why is an annual subscription?
1. Regulatory Updates: We stay up-to-date with ever-evolving wine labeling regulations, sparing you the hassle of constant research and ensuring your compliance.
2. Digital Label Maintenance: Your digital label functions as a mini website, requiring upkeep, modifications, and monitoring. It remains online 24/7, representing your brand accurately.
3. Longevity of Wine Products: Wines can stay in the market for years. Our system supports this by allowing you to create unique QR codes for each product, including new vintages. This means the old QR codes remain accessible while you generate new ones for fresh releases.

In essence, the annual subscription ensures you can focus on crafting wines while we continuously take care of the technicalities and compliance, providing you peace of mind and an efficient, lasting solution.
What infrmation I have to showcase on the e-Label?
The mandatory nutritional information per 100 ml, details on carbohydrates and sugars in grams, and the comprehensive ingredient list specifying grapes, sulphites, and any other additives or allergens, are required. Using our digital labeling tool, you can easily add optional details to your wine, such as the name, vintage, alcohol by volume (vol%), grape varieties, quantities, logos, and images. Additionally, for wines intended for sale in Italy, our tool allows you to display the necessary information on packaging disposal regulations in compliance with current standards.
What factors should I consider when printing QR codes on the physical label?
QR codes for labeling should be printed in a size that makes it possible to scan them. A minimum of 1cm by 1cm is likely to be required. It is often incorporated into the back label design along with other required product information: For 100 mL: E = 339 kJ / 82 kCAL
For the complete list of ingredients and nutritional values, you can scan the QR code.

Every QR code must have a surrounding "quiet" zone, typically four times the size of a single cell within the code (e.g., 1.5 mm for a 10 mm QR code). This clear space enhances scanning accuracy.
Color and Contrast: For best results, use a black QR code on a white background. While dark colors on light backgrounds or the other way round, may work. It's advisable to test them with standard QR code reader apps.
Shape: QR codes are inherently square-shaped. However, creative embedding of square QR codes within non-square shapes, like rotated squares or parallelograms, can be explored. Always maintain the necessary quiet zone in such cases.
Resolution: To ensure successful scans by consumers, your QR code image should be printable at 300 dpi or higher. High resolution prevents scanning issues and maintains code integrity.
Where do I get the nutritional informations?
Our platform features a calculator that allows you to enter the alcohol strength, amount of sugar, and organic acid, and we calculate the energy value for you, based on EU conversion factors. If you are unsure about the amounts, don't worry. The industry allows using commonly accepted values based on alcohol strength.
Is any personal information of users tracked during their visit?
Users visiting the page are not tracked in any way, simply identifies the geolocation so that visitors can view the page in their language.
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Create your e-Labels now - update them anytime!
Starting from 90€/year. Try for free.

Sign up for a free account and create start creating your e-Labels. Upgrade when you're ready to publish your e-Labels!
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